See yourself


I have some great news for you.

  1. Since you ended up on this site, you have shown an unbiased thinking and have demonstrated a broad view of things, which itself very often serves as the key to success.
  2. The problem that brought you here can be solved in the immediate future. Astrology is a very powerful tool for dealing with the most complex issues. There are, at least, five reasons why astrology is much more effective than the “scientific” or “common sense” approach.

Before contacting me, please familiarize yourself with my idea of what astrological consultation can give and what result you can count on.

To get started, I need your birth data (date, time *, place), as well as your brief autobiography indicating the most important events, i.e. those events that YOU consider quite noticeable and remember to the nearest day. If you can provide the birth dates of parents and closest relatives, it would also be helpful.

The full scope of astrological work includes:

  • Descriptive part: interpretation of the birth chart, including all questions of understanding one’s place in the world, issues of self-realization, relationships, work, health, change of residence, etc.
  • Forecast of the key trends and events for 5-7 years
  • Answers to clarifying questions within a month after the consultation.

In addition, you can consult for free about a loved one (hisher motives, life priorities, compatibility)

The cost of the full work depends on the level of reliability of the initial data and the type of consultation.

*If the time of birth is unknown or known very approximately, then rectification is performed — the procedure of restoring of the exact time of birth. Rectification requires a significant amount of biographical and other information. Rectification can be ordered separately.