A new way of thinking means
a new way of living


Although an ingrained stereotype binds the work of an astrologer to predictions, in fact, the maximum effectiveness of astrology lies in the field of self-knowledge and self-improvement.

An astrologer is obliged to clarify the fundamental picture of the future, but this does not mean that his task always includes the prediction of specific events, their exact timing. Astrology is designed to promote the free will of a human being and the conscious acceptance of oneself, one’s unique life experience.

Astrologer sees the integral picture of the personality, its strengths — talents, abilities, hidden reserves, as well as vulnerabilities that require close attention and adjustment.

There are frequent cases when the astrological consultation has transformed the whole life of a person, opening up new growth opportunities and eliminating personality-damaging influences, coming from both social stereotypes and innate characteristics of the personal self.

Astrology helps in the apparent chaos and infinite variety of life circumstances to find clear patterns. Astrology is able to reveal the subtle interconnections of various spheres of life, incomprehensible from a rationalist point of view and unique to each individual.

Perhaps the main virtue of astrology is the ability to give perspective, a broad view, rather than the analysis of particulars. If you are at the top, then you see much more. Sometimes people in their daily rush lose the ability to see clearly. The task of astrology is to give people the opportunity to look at everything from a different, higher and universal point of view.

If you manage to give a person a new outlook, they begin to think in a new way and most often live in a new way.

Astrology is able to find the most effective ways to realize one’s unique potential and achieve a holistic, healthy, meaningful existence.