As we advance in our astrological education we tend to underestimate some basic concepts. The one I’d like to mention here refers to signs/houses analogy and correlation, which alone can provide several quite meaningful approaches and techniques.

Among them what we know as solar chart or signs/houses superposition in the certain order determined by the reference sign. NO doubt most of the readers are familiar with this technique: if your Sun sign is , say, Virgo, then we can consider it rising sign and draw a chart where normal sequence of signs is imposed on symbolic house pattern with Libra covering the 2nd symbolic house, Scorpio — the 3d, etc. Thus the person with unknown birth time could attain the most reliable description of her/himself.

What deserves much more wider use is an application of this method not so much to individual persons, as to the study of Zodiacal signs in general.

In fact, this simple scheme enable us to learn more about the inner structure of the sign in question (reference sign). Placing a Zodiac sign on the 1st house cusp we come to see how the whole Zodiac looks like from the given sign point of view. In other words the rest of Zodiac is meant to clear up how the reference sign would treat all possible situations and circumstances. Thus we reveal particular sign subtle and, nevertheless, most basic mechanisms of dealing with entire variety of life experiences.

What we actually get is the twelve — fold description of the sign in question.

To illustrate this let’s take, for instance, the sign of Leo as reference sign.


  • if Leo occupies the 1st house, then the second is under Virgo — it appears, that in fact Leos inclined to handle their resources with a great deal of accuracy and prudence.
  • The third house in Libra — Leos expect serious emotional response in everyday contacts they are very selective in perception of signals from close environment .
  • The fourth house in Scorpio — Leo’s security depends somehow on the intensity of energy exchange with environment.
  • The fifth house in Sagittarius — creative impulse is connected with education, teaching, searching for the meaning of one’s existence; moral issues are of prime concern whenever Self-image is projecting outside.
  • The sixth house in Capricorn — hard working with a strong sense of duty, Leos need to be in control of everything regarding employment, job, unequal relations, services, etc.
  • The seventh house in Aquarius — Leo is attracted by eccentric partner; he prefers to address the whole world, all humanity is regarded the potential partner, etc.

In terms of synastry we can see in what way the given sign interact with each of the rest Zodiac signs, namely what issues inevitably come up when the signs in question find themselves involved in close relationship.

Thus, every time Leo meets, let’s say, Fishes ( 8th house) the feeling of insecurity is brought up. Fishes may provoke Leo to go for extremes, to undertake over-risky ventures.

Therefore, pattern of houses could be seen as an instrument of the deeper insight into inner structure of Zodiac itself.

Тaking more in-depth look at all implications of this approach reveals some specific interrelations between signs . They are between Ascendant holder (reference sign) and the sign occupying the house of the same symbolic nature as a reference sign – symbolic ” house-holder”.

For example, if we put Cancer — the fourth sign of Zodiac — on Ascendant , the fourth house, one that is of Cancerian nature , contains Libra — «house-holder». Thus Libra occupies the most Cancerian place in The Cancerian framework. In other words the sphere that is crucially important for Cancer is permeated with Libra qualities. In fact this means that Cancer behaves at home like Libra.

Aquarius — the eleventh sign of Zodiac — being the Ascendant holder has an inborn connection with Sagittarius — the ruler of the 11 th house in AQUARIAN ARRANGEMENT of Zodiac. And Virgo has the same relations with Aquarius , who runs the sphere of employment and vocational training (6th house) of the Virgoan Zodiac and so on.

Should we assume that ASC holder and house-holder are tied by some specific inherited relations?

Evidently Asc.holder can rely fully on a house -holder. Asc.holder needs house-holder qualities to maintain its wholeness and express its true nature.
Furthermore , two of them ought to have much in common. Thus we may acquire new understanding of some signs’ qualities. For instance, what can apparently have in common careful Virgo and eccentric Aquarius? Why Virgo needs Aquarius to fulfil its most essential duties?

Closer examination shows that Virgo-Aquarius coupling is not occasional one. Just recall that Virgo represents technology and it concerns with effectiveness of all technological processes. In other words Virgoan efforts are aimed at getting more work done with the same amount of energy. Obviously, without technological progress, that is application of scientific discoveries to human labour , these efforts are doomed to failure. And scientific discoveries are what Aquarius is all about. Aquarian inventiveness is indeed a prerequisite for any Technological progress and the basis for Virgoan labour effectiveness and productivity*

My personal experience shows that certain effects in natal charts can be attributed to these particular interrelations of the signs. My observations on entire generation of Sagittariuses with Uranus in Leo (9th house) pursuing the most exotic belief systems proves there is something worth of considering.

Many people report the unique feeling of sign identity in the presence of house- holder.

One of my friends recently told me: «I have never experienced so strikingly my Scorpio nature as when I found myself on one occasion surrounded with Geminis (8th house)»

I hope the suggested approach may appear helpful in various branches of Astrology.

* Interestingly enough, the very symbols of these signs indicate a close link between them: Aquarian water bearer carries his water in a pottery jar, which is of course Virgoan product. You can’t get more Virgo than the craft of pottery, which changes the form (mutability) of the measured amount of earth (and mutable earth is Virgo)

© Boris Israitel

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